Thoughtful and Thoughtless: A Story for Boys
Based on Bangladesh’s Proverb

Mama and Papa Tiger have two little tigers:
Thoughtful and Thoughtless.
Thoughtful listens and thinks before he speaks and acts.
Thoughtless speaks, acts, and then is sorry he didn’t listen and think first.

At breakfast Mama and Papa Tiger tell Thoughtful and Thoughtless to play inside because the weather forecast predicts cyclones.
Thoughtful listens, stays inside, and makes cards for Grandma and Grandpa.
Thoughtless runs to Cox’s Bazar sea beach to go surfing.
Before he starts surfing, the police notice him and say,
“Do your parents know you are out alone in this weather? Come with us.”
The police bring Thoughtless home.

Papa Tiger tells Thoughtless,
“Instead of helping those in danger, the police had to bring you home. You will write a letter of apology and offer to help clean up after the storm.”
Thoughtful offers to help, too.
“It will be fun!”

The next day, Thoughtless and Thoughtful help clean up debris from the storm.
They make many new friends.
After a hard morning’s work, Mama Tiger says,
“We are going to Grandma and Grandpa’s for lunch.”
Thoughtless invites all his new friends to come, too.
“Wait,” says Papa Tiger, “did you ask Grandma?”
“No,” says Thoughtless.
“Grandma doesn’t have enough food ready for an army. How kind of you to think of your friends. However, you’ll have to apologize and explain that you didn’t think before you spoke. You can invite them to do something another day when you have time to plan and prepare.”

After arriving at Grandma and Grandpa’s, Thoughtless jumps on the sofa.
Mama says, “Stop jumping…”
Smash! Crash! Tinkle…
Thoughtless flies through the window, breaking the glass into a million pieces.
Mama says, “Are you hurt?”
Stunned Thoughtless sheepishly says, “I don’t think so. I’m sorry!”
Papa says, “Think before you act. You’ll have to start saving to pay for the window.”
Do you think Thoughtless will learn his lesson?

On the way home, the Tiger family stops at a shop.
Thoughtful buys a toy rickshaw with his money.
Thoughtless can’t buy anything because he has to save his money to help pay for the window.
When they leave the shop, Thoughtless crosses the road without looking both ways.
Thoughtful yells, “Look out!” and pushes Thoughtless out of the path of an oncoming car.
Then Thoughtless looks up and sees a sign.
Bangladesh Proverb: Look before you leap. Think before you act.
Thoughtless decides, it’s no fun being thoughtless.
“I’m going to think before I do anything.”
And do you know what? He isn’t Thoughtless anymore. He’s Mr. Thoughtful Too.