Especially for Boys: A Story Based on Angola Proverb
Thoughtful and Thoughtless

Mama and Papa Antelope have two little antelopes:
Thoughtful and Thoughtless.
Thoughtful always thinks of others.
Thoughtless always says the first thing that pops into his mind without thinking.

Thoughtful pops out of bed to help Mama make the funje for breakfast.
Mama boils the water, while Thoughtful measures the fufu.
When Thoughtless comes down for breakfast, he says,
“I don’t like funje!”
Papa says, “For those that don’t like funje, breakfast is finished. Think of those that work to make your breakfast possible and those that don’t have enough to eat.”

Thoughtful helps with the dishes to the tune of
“Oh, What a beautiful morning, Oh, What a beautiful day…”
Thoughtless stomps off to play.

Thoughtful asks, “May I please invite Elephant, Hippo and Giraffe over to play?”
Mama says, “How thoughtful! Yes.”
When Elephant, Hippo and Giraffe arrive, they decide to create their own toys to play.
They make a catapult from sticks, stones and old boxes.
Thoughtless says, “That’s stupid.”

Guess who has fun?
Guess who has none?

“Look at Elephant’s big nose! My goodness Hippo is so fat! What a long neck Giraffe has!” says Thoughtless.
Lion passes by and overhears Thoughtless.
Lion roars, “Who is insulting animals in my kingdom? Elephant, Hippo and Giraffe are the way they are for good reason. Have you not heard the Angolan proverb: The one who throws the stone forgets; the one who is hit remembers forever.”

Embarrassed Thoughtless scampers inside and thinks,
“I feel miserable. How would I feel if others talked to me the way I’ve been talking? I’m going to start thinking before I say anything. What should I do?”

Thoughtless decides to make I’m So Sorry cards for Elephant, Hippo and Giraffe. Then he remembers breakfast and makes one for Mama and Thoughtful too.

Next, Thoughtless finds Mama and asks,
“May I please help you make a special lunch for everyone?”
Mama says, “How thoughtful! Let’s go to the market in Luanda for tomatoes and make Chicken Muamba.”

After the trip, while the chicken is cooking, Thoughtless sets the table.
He places the So Sorry Cards at each place.
Then he asks Mama and Papa, “May I please invite Lion for lunch too?”

And do you know what? He isn’t Thoughtless anymore. He’s Thoughtful Too and he thinks of others before he speaks.

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