A Story Based on Argentina’s Proverb Especially for Boys: Poverty Point and Abundance Avenue

The guanacos live in two parts of town:
Poverty Point and Abundance Avenue.
The same beautiful sun rises over Poverty Point and Abundance Avenue.
The same storms visit Poverty Point and Abundance Avenue.
And the same moon and stars shine over both Poverty Point and Abundance Avenue.

At breakfast in the Poverty Point shacks, the Mama guanacos give each little guanaco one serving of polenta.
The little guanacos say, “Thank you! Let’s pray for all those that made our breakfast possible.”
At breakfast in the Abundance Avenue mansions, the Mama guanacos give each little guanaco three sweet rolls (medialunas).
The little guanacos say, “Thank you. Can I have more?”

In the Poverty Point shacks, all the guanacos help clear the table and wash and dry the dishes.
The little guanacos say, “We can be an assembly line! A conveyor belt! What fun!”

In the Abundance Avenue mansions, servants clear the table and wash and dry the dishes.
The little guanacos say, “I’m bored. There’s nothing to do.”
Papa suggests, “Play a game, read a book or dance the tango.”
They whine, “We don’t want to. Mama, will you take us shopping?”
And off they go…

Meanwhile at Poverty Point, the guanacos begin a game of soccer.
Happy guanacos run, laugh, and score!
They play and play some more, then solve a puzzle, play a game and dance around.
The little guanacos say, “Everyday is a fiesta from above!”

Rain starts to pitter patter and the Poverty Point little guanacos ask,
“Mama, may we please go looking at the mall?”
The Mamas say, “Just looking. No buying.”
“Yes! We get to ride the escalator!”
The little guanacos stay close to their Mamas in the busy, buzzing crowd.
“Look at the electric train!”
Round and round, they watch it go – over bridges, under tunnels, up hills, in and out.
Every little guanaco secretly wishes but thanks God for eyes to see and ears to hear the sleek train whiz by on the tracks.

The Abundance Avenue guanacos swagger by and say,
“I want one. No me. It’s mine. Why are they looking at MY train?”
Guess who is having fun?
Guess who is having none?

Thunder roars. Rain comes in torrents. The wind sings, “Whoosh!”
“Let’s go home,” say all the guanacos.
The Poverty Point guanacos race home to their cozy shacks.
The Abundance Avenue guanacos strut home grasping their bundles in the pelting rain.

The storm turns to a mega storm and tornados twirl through Buenos Aires.
Trees topple. Cars crumble and houses tumble.
Devastation is everywhere.

The next morning, the Poverty Point guanacos start picking up and fixing up their neighborhood.
The Abundance Avenue guanacos scoff,
“We won’t work. We might get dirty.”
The Abundance Avenue Mamas and Papas are dismayed.
“Let’s visit Poverty Point. Abundance breeds arrogance. Look how hard the guanacos work! Look how much fun they have! Let’s work together and learn from them.”

And do you know what? The Abundance Avenue guanacos have so much fun working, playing and making new friends that they never go back to their big mansions.

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