Possible and Impossible: A Story for Girls Based on Afghanistan’s Proverb

Mama and Papa Snow Leopard have two little Snow Leopards:
Possible and Impossible.
Whenever they are asked to do something difficult.
Impossible says, “I can’t. It’s too hard. It’s impossible.”
Possible says, “I will find a way.”

When Mama asks “Will you take a meal of kabobs, rice and pomegranates across the Registan Desert to the Hyena family? They have a new baby.”
Impossible complains, “The red sand hills are too hard to climb. We might encounter a sandstorm. It’s impossible.”
Possible plans, “I’ll carefully package the meal, check the weather and find a guide for this adventure.”
Possible delivers the meal to the overjoyed Hyena family and gets to hold the darling new baby.

Mama Snow Leopard rewards Possible with a trip to the capital, Kabul. Mama and Possible visit gardens, eat at the Kabul Palace and stop by a bazaar to enjoy a treat.

One day Papa Snow Leopard asks, “Who would like to climb to Noshaq, the highest point in Afghanistan?”
Mama Snow Leopard and Possible say in unison, “I would!”
Impossible utters, “That’s impossible!”
Guess who enjoys breathtaking views?
Guess who stays home moping?

After looking at the pictures Papa, Mama and Possible took on their excursions, Impossible reads:
Even if a mountain is very high, it has a path to the top.
Meaning: Nothing is impossible – there is always a way. ~ Afghan Proverb

The next day when the Snow Leopard family hears the Marco Polo sheep need help, Impossible decides it’s no fun thinking everything is impossible and volunteers to find a solution.

And do you know what? She isn’t called Impossible anymore. She’s known as the Solution Snow Leopard.

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