A Story for Boys Based on an Algerian Proverb: Loyal and Disloyal

Mama and Papa Fennec Fox have two little foxes:
Loyal and Disloyal.
Loyal is a faithful friend in good times and in bad.
Disloyal disappears as soon as trouble visits.

Papa Fox says, “You may invite your friends over to practice for your soccer game.”
Loyal replies, “Thank you, Papa. I’ll invite Boar, Cheetah, Jackal and Gazelle.
Disloyal says, “Don’t invite Boar; he isn’t any good at all.” (Boar overhears and is sad, tears start to fall.)
Loyal responds, “I like Boar. He tries harder than all of us. He is a good sport and makes us laugh.” (Boar overhears, cheers up and wipes away his tears.)

“I don’t need to practice. I’d rather play video games,” says Disloyal.
Mama reminds Disloyal, “Soccer, teamwork and winning are learned, practiced and shared.”

Papa Fox says, “Dribble time! Let’s push the ball with our shoelaces. To the cones! Go!”
Loyal and his friends zigzag in and out, up and down the field chanting,
“Olé, Olé, Olé, We’ll be the champions!”
Disloyal complains, “We aren’t good enough.”

On game day, Loyal and Disloyal’s team is losing 0 to 2.
Disloyal stamps off the field in a huff, “I quit.”
Guess who has trouble making friends?

Loyal and the rest of the team play hard, make a come back and chant,
“Olé, Olé, Olé, We are the champions!”
Guess who has plenty of friends?

Mama and Papa Fox offer to take the team on a celebration excursion to Algiers.
Boar asks, “Where is Disloyal? Let’s find him and invite him along. I wouldn’t want him to feel left out.”
Cheetah, Jackal and Gazelle say, “But he hasn’t been very nice to you.”
Boar insists, “He’s part of the team, and only those that are hurting, hurt others. Maybe we can cheer him up.”
Loyal and Boar find Disloyal sulking in the bathroom.
“Come along. You are part of the team.”
Disloyal says, “I let the team down. I’m sorry. I won’t do it again.”

On the way to Algiers the team sees a sign that says:
A friend is someone who shares your happiness and your pains. ~ Algerian Proverb

Disloyal decides, “It’s no fun being disloyal. I’m going to be a faithful friend from now on. I’ll only say kind words. I’ll be there for my friends in good times and in bad.”

After a dinner of stew, couscous and Chickpea-cakes; the team walks the small cozy streets of the Casbah. On the way home, they play on the sand dunes.
Then Disloyal notices Boar is missing and says, “Where is Boar? We need to find him.”
They find him on the playground crying.
A relieved Boar looks up and says, “You’re the best!”

And do you know what? Disloyal isn’t called Disloyal anymore. He’s called Faithful Friend everywhere he goes and everyone wants to be his friend.

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