Boys Story Based on Andorra’s Proverb: Listen and Ignore

Mama and Papa Cattle have two little bulls:
Listen and Ignore.
Whenever they are asked to do something, Listen always stops, looks, listens, responds and obeys.
Ignore always continues what he’s doing. He ignores everything and everyone else.

When Papa tells them to go to sleep,
Listen says, “Yes Papa,” runs up to bed, says his prayers and falls asleep.
Ignore stays up, plays in his room and is too exhausted the next morning to have any fun.

Listen hears his alarm clock, pops out of bed and enjoys a delicious breakfast of pancakes and sausage with Mama and Papa.
Ignore ignores his alarm clock, sleeps late and misses breakfast.

Listen hears the birds chirping, the frogs croaking, and the children laughing. Ignore hears nothing.

Mama and Papa Cattle take Listen and Ignore skiing for the first time.
“Listen to the instructors. Remember to pull the metal bar down over you on the ski lift.
Stay on the Green Circle beginner slopes. Lastly, have fun!”

Listen does everything exactly the way the instructors ask.
Ignore plays with his skis and poles.

When the instructors say, “Time to go up the ski lift.”
Listen lines up, is ready when the lift comes and pulls the metal bar down.
Ignore is still putting on his skis when the lift scoops him up.
Oh no! Ignore falls off! He didn’t listen and obey the seat belt rule.

After a visit to the nurse, Ignore successfully rides the lift to the top.
Listen is already zooming around the Green Circle beginner slopes.
Guess who has fun?
Ignore thinks the Black Diamond expert slopes look like more fun. Oh no! Ignore crashes into a tree and can’t move!
He has to ride the rescue toboggan down to the infirmary.
No more skiing for Ignore. He will be in a wheelchair for 6 weeks.

On the way home, Papa reminds them, “Stay close so we don’t lose anyone.”
Listen stays close to Mama and Papa in Andorra la Vella.
Ignore starts to move his wheelchair across the street just as a fire truck, ambulance, and police car whiz by with sirens blaring.
Oh no! Ignore tips over and is hurt again.
Do you think he will ever learn?
The police officer tells Ignore an Andorran Proverb, “He who hears no advice will not reach old age.

Ignore decides he has had enough accidents. “I better start listening to advice so I can live a happy life.”

And do you know what? He isn’t Ignore anymore. He’s Attentive. He stops, looks, listens and heeds advice.

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