A Story Especially for Boys Based on Austria’s Proverb: Labor and Lazy

Mama and Papa Rabbit have two little rabbits:
Labor and Lazy.
Labor works hard but Lazy doesn’t do any work.

When the opportunity clock rings, Labor pops out of bed, says his prayers and runs down to gather the farm fresh eggs for breakfast.
Lazy lies in bed.

Mama grills the tomatoes and mushrooms.
Papa fries the bacon and eggs. Labor sets the table.
Papa rings the bell.
Lazy still lies in bed.

By the time Lazy rolls out of bed, it is time to leave for their violin lessons.
Each day Labor deliberately focuses on doing his best at practice.
Lazy practices mindlessly like a broken record.
Mr. Badger, the violin teacher, invites Labor to join the Youth Orchestra.
The orchestra takes a field trip and walks in Mozart’s footsteps from Schönbrunn Palace to St. Stephen’s Cathedral to the Mozarthaus Vienna.
Guess who misses out?

Labor cultivates, waters, and weeds his garden everyday.
He thins the radishes, lettuce, cabbage and carrots.
Lazy only has weeds growing in his garden.
Guess who is hungry?

Mama, Papa and Labor exercise everyday.
Lazy watches sports on television.
When the neighborhood rabbits want to go skiing, ice skating or play soccer; Lazy is too out of shape and sore to join the fun.
Labor plays every sport.
Guess who has fun?

Every Saturday Mama, Papa and Labor do all their chores, give anything they don’t use to the poor and clean their rooms.
Lazy’s room looks like a tornado hit it. He can never find matching socks, shoes or clothes. He can’t find his toys or his homework. He can’t find his books or his Legos.
How frustrating!

After working hard all day, the minute Labor’s head hits his pillow, he enters dreamland.
Lazy tosses and turns and can’t fall asleep. He reads the plaque hanging on his wall,
Austrian Proverb: A lazy man is the devil’s handyman.
Lazy begins to think, “I’m missing out. I can’t even sleep. Tomorrow I’m going to begin a new life. I will pop out of bed, help with breakfast, practice and exercise. I will clean my room now and weed the garden tomorrow.

And do you know what? He isn’t Lazy anymore. He’s Mr. Endless Energy and works hard everyday except Sunday.

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