Grateful and Poor Me: A Story for Girls Based on Albania’s Proverb

Mama and Papa Horse have two little mares:
Grateful and Poor Me.
Poor Me sees problems everywhere.
“I’m too short. I don’t have any friends. I always get the smallest piece.”
Grateful looks for the silver lining in every cloud.
“I can see, hear and feel. I can gallop, jump and leap. I can graze, eat and sleep.”

If Mama Horse asks them to stay with the herd.
Grateful thinks, “I’m so glad to have family and friends!”
Poor Me complains, “Why do we have to? I can’t ever have any fun. Poor me.”

Papa Horse says, “Today we will visit Rozafa Castle.”
Grateful says, “Wow! I can’t wait to see a real castle!”
Poor Me grumbles, “I don’t want to. Do we have to? How long will it take?”
Papa Horse reminds Poor Me, “Discontentment makes rich horses poor while contentment makes poor horses rich.”

After the castle, Papa Horse says, “We will go to the capital city, Tirana for dinner.”
Mama Horse says, “Anyone that eats her lamb and rice with yogurt sauce can have dessert.”
Grateful, Mama and Papa eat their dinner and enjoy baklava for dessert.
Poor Me whines, “It’s not fair. I never get dessert.”

Guess who has a day filled with joy and gratitude?
Guess who has a miserable day?

Then Poor Me reads this Albanian Proverb on a sign:
There is always someone worse off than yourself. At least you are not a monkey with an allergy to nuts.

Poor Me laughs, “I’m thankful that I’m not a monkey with an allergy to nuts! It’s no fun feeling sorry for myself.”

And do you know what? She isn’t called Poor Me anymore. She’s called Thankful everywhere she goes and everyone wants to be her friend.

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