A Story Especially for Girls Based on Australia’s Proverb: Decisive and Indecisive

Mama and Papa Koala have two little koalas:
Decisive and Indecisive.
Decisive lives each day to the fullest, makes decisions and takes action.
Indecisive waffles and wavers, hemps and haws and never decides.

When Mama Koala asks, “Who will be home for breakfast?”
Papa Koala and Decisive say, “We will!”
Indecisive says, “I’m not sure. The Eastern Brown Snakes said they might invite me over for breakfast.”
Mama, Papa and Decisive enjoy a scrumptious breakfast of bacon, eggs, and fried tomatoes.
Indecisive waits by the phone.

After breakfast, the kangaroos hop by with invitations for their Jumping Party.
Decisive asks, “May I please go to the party?”
Mama and Papa say, “Yes.”
Decisive RSVPs promptly.
Indecisive thinks, “The funnel web spiders might have a party. I’ll RSVP later.”

Then Papa Koala asks, “Who would like to go scuba diving off the Great Barrier Reef?”
Mama Koala and Decisive say, “I would!”
Indecisive says, “Blue Ringed Octopus might call me to go swimming. I’m not sure.”
Papa, Mama, and Decisive go scuba diving.
Splash! They see exotic, brightly colored fish of all shapes and sizes. They see the exquisite coral. They even see a baby shark meander by.
“What fun! What beautiful colors! Wow!”

Meanwhile Indecisive sits on the couch waiting for the phone to ring and begins feeling sorry for herself.
“I’m hungry. I guess I’ll have some cold cereal since snake didn’t call.

Guess who has fun?
Guess who has none?

Indecisive waits and waits.
“I’m bored. I missed breakfast and I missed scuba diving. Maybe I better RSVP to the Jumping Party because no one has called.”
Kangaroo says, “I’m sorry. You can come watch but the Jumping Party is full.”
Tears well up in Indecisive’s eyes.
“I’m missing out on everything!”

A beautiful Australian Painted Lady lands on Indecisive.
She admires her beauty and thinks,
“I’m going to “seize the day! Enjoy each minute. A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush. ~ Australia Proverb”

And do you know what? She isn’t Indecisive anymore. She’s “Carpe Diem” and says yes to every opportunity that comes her way.

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