How did those ugly, bad, good-for-nothing habits creep into our lives? One sneaky thought at a time, one subtle suggestion squeezing through our busy days, one observation from a perceived to be popular show, and before we know it our actions jump on board! One at a time our actions add up to a habit, and if that rascally habit doesn’t serve us well, then “Ouch!” The time and effort needed to break it resembles an upward climb during an avalanche.

Good News Break: Imagine if we looked into a gym full of all the food we will consume in the remaining days of our lives, and then someone told us to start eating. Just looking at the food might give us indigestion; however, one meal at a time, we enjoy our food and eating is easy. Life happens one minute at a time! It’s easy to be good for only one minute. One minute conquered makes the next minute easier.

Action Steps:

  • Why not examine incoming thoughts that shape our actions?
  • Why not turn off destructive incoming thoughts?
  • Why not replace destructive thoughts daily with constructive incoming thoughts?

Helpful Tools:

What has helped you form a good habit? What strategies have helped you break a bad habit? Please share your good advice so we can all benefit. Thank you!