Ten Commandments for a Happy Family

Ten Commandments for a Happy Family by Msgr Ted Wojcicki

Share family meals – include time for conversation. Eating meals only in van or in front of fridge or TV is isolating, deflates trust, and promotes loneliness.

No portable electronic devices allowed at dining room table, at family meals in restaurants, or in children’s

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Recommended Reading for the New Year

Books can really make a difference this New Year. This year is a new opportunity to begin again. One day at a time, the seemingly impossible becomes possible. Philip Rivers advises, “You now begin. But this is ongoing. You begin again, and again and again. You never give up. Nunc Coepi.” And

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Greed Makes Us Glum

Geed Makes Us GlumCan greed or more stuff make you happy? Some books change lives. The following books warn of the pitfalls of greed, materialism and too much stuff. Beginning with ourselves and our families, let’s create a happier world. Please share any books and/or quotes that you would recommend to avoid

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Favorite Father’s Day Books

Favorite Father's Day Books

This Father’s Day lets give fathers, dads, grandpas and grandfathers the respect they deserve! These are our favorite books for the occasion. One of the criteria for a book to be promoted on www.discoversuccess.info is the dad and every person in authority must receive respect

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Secrets to Success

Secrets to Success

Do you know what you’d like to do someday? Would you like to have fun at work and do work that fits with who you are? Good news: what you like to do and your hobbies can influence your career, job and work. Also, if you have hobbies that fit

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April Fools Day

April Fools Day Books
After reading our five year old son a few April Fools Day books, he came up with a splendid idea. “Can I have an April Fools Party?”

He loves making people laugh and spreading joy. Before he turned three he could sing “Accentuate the Positive” independently and clearly knew

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Top 10 Favorite Books for Valentine’s Day

These Valentine’s Day books explore the delights of Valentines, sharing, cooperation and love. Valentine’s Day brings many opportunities to spread joy in the lives of the lonely and forgotten. Aldi has cheap roses and the Dollar Tree has cheap Valentine balloons for healthy inexpensive options. Let’s all make our world better on

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Building Better Vocabulary Comments

Please submit any ideas, programs, books, websites or games that could benefit others here. If preferred, anonymous comments and pseudonyms are welcome. Thank you!

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Creating Habits

How did those ugly, bad, good-for-nothing habits creep into our lives? One sneaky thought at a time, one subtle suggestion squeezing through our busy days, one observation from a perceived to be popular show, and before we know it our actions jump on board! One at a time our actions add up to a

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Making the World Better Comments

Why isn’t the world a better place? According to Edmund Burke, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.”

  • Why not start doing something now?
  • Why not start with something small?

He also said, “Nobody made a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only

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What are your favorite books?

Please tell us about your favorite books. What books have changed your life, made you laugh, brought you hope? What books have inspired you? What books have you enjoyed?

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