Benevolent and Jealous: A Story Especially for Boys Based on Bahrain’s Proverb

Mama and Papa Camel have two little camels:
Benevolent and Jealous.
Benevolent does good for others, wishes others well, and rejoices when good things happen to others.
Jealous always wants other’s things, opportunities, and victories.

When Benevolent gets dressed he is thankful for clothes, shoes, and every person in the world that helped make them possible.
Jealous looks at his brother’s shoes and thinks, “I wish I had his cool shoes.”

For breakfast Mama Camel makes French toast and eggs fried in garlic.
Papa washes the berries and Benevolent sets the table.
Benevolent says, “Thank you for a scrumptious breakfast.”
Jealous whines, “I want more. I have the smallest portion.”

After breakfast, the Arabian Oryx and Sand Gazelle invite Jealous and Benevolent out to play.
They play hoop rolling. The Arabian Oryx keeps his hoop up the longest.
Benevolent says, “Congratulations to the winner!”
Jealous whines, “I wish I had won. It’s no fun!”
Guess who has trouble making friends?

Papa Camel invites Arabian Oryx and Sand Gazelle to visit Riffa Fort and go pearl diving with Mama, Benevolent and Jealous.
They pull out their cell phones to check with their parents.
Jealous says, “I want a cell phone. Everyone else has one. It’s not fair.”
Papa Camel says, “You are too young. Don’t let jealousy ruin your fun. Focus on your blessings.”

After visiting Riffa Fort, Benevolent says, “I can’t wait to find a pearl! Let’s have a competition.”
Jealous collects the most oysters, but after opening them, Benevolent has the most pearls.
Benevolent shares his pearls with some passing flamingos.
Jealous says, “I don’t like pearl diving.”

“Let’s have a race next,” says Sand Gazelle.
Papa Camel says, “On your mark, get set, GO!”
Jealous starts strong. Benevolent is a close second, but at the last minute, Sand Gazelle passes them both and wins.
Benevolent says, “Congratulations to the winner!”
But Jealous complains, “What a stupid race! It’s no fun!”

Mama Camel says, “Everyone has different gifts.
Remember the Bahrain Proverb: Whoever doesn’t reach the grapes, he say’s they’re sour.
Relationships are more important than winning.”
Jealous says, “But I want to be popular. I didn’t win the popularity contest.”
Mama asks, “Do you know who is least popular at school?”
“No,” Mama replies, “the one who just won the popularity contest…because so many are jealous. Jealousy destroys relationships, makes one miserable and isn’t any fun.”

Jealous decides it’s no fun being jealous. He decides to focus on his blessings and rejoice when others succeed. And do you know what! He isn’t jealous anymore. He’s Mr. Congratulations, and congratulates anyone and everyone who wins.