Please make the world better a day at a time, by praying for countries with us. A country, capital, proverb attributed to that country, food eaten, official language, at least one thing the country is known for, games played and a website to find out more will be posted daily, Monday through Friday. In less than 7 months we will cover all the countries and dedicate a day of prayer for every country in the whole world.

Also a story based on the country’s proverb that includes some of the fun facts featuring the animals of the country as the main characters will be posted daily. Our daughter wanted a girl story and our son wanted a boy story so we will post both for you to choose. They are basically the same story with predominately boy or girl characters.

Thank you for joining our journey! We’d love to hear your thoughts below as well.

This week’s countries:
Monday: Afghanistan
Tuesday: Albania
Wednesday: Algeria
Thursday: Andorra
Friday: Angola